Dear Family, Friends and Followers, With Gods calling to help others in need, we have organized the Charm City Warmth Drive. With hope in our hearts & prayer, our goal is to grow this Warmth Drive with YOU this year and every year to come. 


To start we have chosen 5 shelters, and will hand out all collected donations in November. Ranging from a homeless youth shelter, single women with children, and veterans in need! If you would like to also join us on this day handing out the items, please contact us to learn more. In order to be successful we need your help!


In the coming days\weeks we are asking you to go through your closets and find coats, gloves, scarves, hats, and blankets that you no longer need. We will arrange for pickup and will also announce multiple planned drop off sites over the next two months. 

Just send us a facebook message, email us at or call us at 443-579-4122 if you have questions or items washed and ready for donation. If you are interested in making a cash contribution, on Black Friday we have a planned buying trip to take advantage of the sales. You are welcome to join us too! With our Family & Friends we CAN make a difference and keep many of our less fortunate Baltimore neighbors warm this winter and in future winters to come. Thank You for your time and we look forward to hearing more from everyone! Please share this with your loved ones.If you are interested in learning how you can help our efforts, send us a message. 

If you yourself have a need for a winter coat or know of a family that needs coats this winter, let us know, we can help!


Thank you for your support :)
Call 443-579-4122

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